The City of Ottawa has a webpage that provides a list for what goes into your blue bin (plastics), black bin (paper), and green bin (composts). Are you a homeowner and don't have these bins? No problem. The City of Ottawa will provide you with these bins for FREE (once you receive your voucher online). Talk about positive encouragement to recycle! You can easily obtain these bins on a link provided on the recycling page. The City of Ottawa also has an app called 'Ottawa Collection Calendar' that not only provides you with your scheduled collection days but it also has a search tool to see which bin your item belongs in!

The City of Brockville has a search engine on their recycling webpage so you can research an individual item you're questioning for recycling. They even have a description for each item you search. Brockville has a program called "Community Treasure Days" on both June 16th, 2018 and September 15th, 2018. You can leave functional, unwanted items on the curb from 9am to 6pm for collection by members of your community who may see your item as a treasure. This is a GREAT way to reduce! Why buy something new when you can find it use? Stop contributing to landfills! Want a more convenient way to search items?

The City of Kingston has a recycling depot called the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC) where businesses (fee) and even residents (free of charge) have the ability to drop off specific items for recycling. Residents can also bring household hazardous waste. The City of Kingston's recycling program is done with a blue bin (plastics), grey bin (paper), and green bin (compost).    

The City of Toronto provides a ton of resources for how to recycle, compost, and dispose of garbage. There is even an app called 'TOwaste' that can instruct you on what items go in which bin and can organize your pick up schedule.  

The Region of Waterloo has a strict outline on their website for banned items. In some instances, if you can disassemble coffee/tea pods for compost and/or recycling. The Region of Waterloo outlines that their specific recycling program does not accept coffee/tea pods even if the box states they can be recycled. This is why it is important to know what your city allows and doesn't allow in your recycling bin.