The demand towards a zero-waste movement is growing larger and larger world wide. It truly is amazing to see but can easily irritate impatient individuals. This has to be one of my best and worst qualities, I want the job done and I want it done now. But when it comes to garbage, landfilling, recycling, and composting, this is definitely a category that I urge people to be patient. There is so much science and engineering that takes place behind the scenes. Creating a landfill in the first place is not just done with a snap of your fingers.


I have written a short summary of the topics presented in these three articles by Waste Management and Resources as an assignment in my Solid Waste Management course. The articles overlook the evolution of landfilling, the challenges in municipal waste management, and the present and future issues of waste. I thought I would share some of the arising discussions that come into place while in this industry. Please feel free to read the articles or find the breakdown in my assignment! **Please note: the assignment requirements were to summarize these articles and therefore the words I used should not be referenced as my own. The ideas and wordings are slightly different but used from the Waste Management and Resources articles.

Articles Summary