Becoming vegetarian can be a no-brainer for some but difficult for others. Challenge: watch this video with undivided attention and see if your stomach churns.

A football field is 5531.2151 square meters.

1 year of a vegan diet takes up 647.5 square meters of land - 0.18 football fields.

1 year of a vegetarian diet takes up 2020.4 square meters of land - 0.36 football fields.

1 year of an omnivore diet takes up a booming 12,140.5 square meters of land - 2.2 footballs fields.

Food Services/Food Packaging

Skip the fast food restaurant. The sandwich or burger is wrapped, the fries come in a separate container, plastic cutlery comes in the bad, and a disposable cup is given to you with a straw. If you eat your fast food, you just used unnecessary garbage for a total of 10 minutes or less. 


Grocery stores use plastic wrap to wrap vegetables. REFUSE to buy plastic wrapped vegetables, buy them loose! You put your veggies in thin plastic bags to carry them, take them home, dispose them, and wash your food. STOP using these bags! There is no need to be scared of them touching the cart, I mean...hey, how many fingers do you think have touched them in the first place?! The plastic is doing nothing...give them a good wash at home!