June 3, 2021

Meet Jenna, one of our Ottawa Administrators! Jenna helps out with many Earthub operations but in this picture specifically, she has a huge stack of egg cartons that get sent to a local farmer near her (in Richmond) which are reused! ♻️📍🌎
Jenna is super passionate about animals🐶🐱 She has a company called @tailwaggersottawa to help care for our furry friends!
Thank you Jenna for all you do 🌎🤗

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May 26.PNG

May 26, 2021

Sault Ste. Marie sent out 1011 prescription pill bottles (shipping cost: $282.58) for reuse to @m25m_org 😲♻️💊
Huge thank you to our volunteers up North!

Sheri and her daughter, Karissa for the counting, sorting, packing, and shipping of bottles 👏🏼🌎

May 22, 2021

It has been a bit of a rough week on the Earthub front in the sense that the construction season is ramping up and I’m a wee bit overwhelmed with trying to ‘do it all’ 😰🌎
We can’t do environmentalism alone but rather TOGETHER 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ Let’s give a huge shout out to our Ottawa Crew - thank you for all that you do for our planet 🌎 🔈🌳
We have volunteers near and far who make our Items to Keep Out of The Landfill initiative possible! Want to join the Earthub movement? Email us at 🚯👏🏼♻️
Jess, an Earthub volunteer in Ottawa, made this collage for us and she is working on a new Chapter nearby 😏 Stay tuned!!

May 17.PNG
May 22.PNG

May 17, 2021

What you’ve been waiting for! We are now accepting plastic bottle caps and bread/milk tags in the Ottawa and Kingston Chapters 😲🥛♻️
We have a secret project in the works to keep these babies local. Stay tuned and in the meantime, email us for the list of drop-off locations! 📬

[We do not publicly post drop-off locations for privacy reasons as they are our volunteer’s homes!]

May 12, 2021

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly 🌱👌🏼🌎
Say hello to our EARTHUB - KINGSTON volunteers! 💚👏🏼
Thank you for all you do for our planet 🌎🌳🌈

May 12.PNG
May 10_1.PNG

May 10, 2021

Kitty: Why do we constantly have 200+ egg cartons Mom?! 😸
Kitty: I’m outta here! 😼
We collect egg cartons in the Ottawa and Kingston Chapters for local farmers and food banks! Email us for the list of drop-off locations (not shared publicly for privacy reasons) 📬♻️📍

May 4, 2021

BOOM Chicka TerraCycle 💥♻️🚯
Our Ottawa Chapter accepts some SPECIFIC brands of chip bags (Boom Chicka Pop, Terra chips, and Sensible Portions)! These are collected on behalf of the wonderful @ecowestenders and then they head to the TerraCycle bin 🚯🗑♻️
While we don’t encourage the consumption of non zero-waste products, we’re all human. Amirite?? Please email for the list of drop-off locations (not shared publicly for privacy reasons) 🏡🌎📬👏🏼

May 4.PNG
May 3.PNG

May 3, 2021

Earthub Headquarters or my room? 😆🏠📦
Our volunteers take up space in their homes to keep the Earthub program running and to divert as much as we can from the landfill! ♻️🏡🚯
What an amazing Earthub Community we have 💚🌎👏🏼

April 19, 2021

The Earthub Kingston Chapter is ON FIRE right now 🔥♻️💃🏼
Less than a month, in Ktown has a huge collection! Be sure to email for the official list of collection items and drop-off locations 📬📌🌎

Apr 19.PNG
Apr 14.PNG

April 14, 2021

Massive shipment of used prescription pill bottles went out today from Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall, and London! How many do you think there are? ⁉️♻️💊
Ottawa: 2191         Kingston: 234           Cornwall: 55             London: 57
A grand total of 2537 used prescription pill bottles kept out of the landfill and sent to Matthew 25: Ministries, a disaster relief organization!
We have 52 drop-off locations across Canada and 2 drop-off locations in the U.S. for your used, CLEAN prescription pill bottles! We only provide the drop-off locations by email for the privacy of our volunteer’s (as most drop-off locations are volunteer’s homes)! Please email for drop-off locations OR your local chapter ( AND
A huge shout out to 2 Ottawa volunteers for the counting, sorting, and packing of the bottles. Another huge shout out to all of you for your monetary donations to cover shipping costs - thank you! 💚🌎📦

April 8, 2021

We’re nearly 4 months into 2021 and have already kept over 20,000 4L milk bags out of the landfill for organizations to make milk bag mats for the homeless ♻️🌎
Thanks to these gals for putting in some WERK! The twins have been counting and flattening the milk bags in Ottawa for us 
This is a landfill item we collect in both Ottawa and Kingston - email OR for the list of items and drop-off locations 📬📍🌎

Apr 8.PNG
Mar 30.PNG

March 30, 2021

Can’t believe I’ve joined the #DirtyThirty Club 
When I was 27, I came to the realization that most people I was surrounded by had no clue what living sustainably was. I decided to spread environmental awareness, change my own ways, and keep items out of the landfill - Earthub began 🌎♻️🚯
I am so proud of what Earthub has become. But today, I want to acknowledge how proud I am of how far I’ve come in my 30 years. This is only the BEGINNING of what I have in store 💚🌎
“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that...then I realized I was somebody.” ☺️👏🏼💃🏼

March 23, 2021

We’ve hit the 2000 mark for egg cartons that have been collected for reuse! This is an item we collect to donate to food banks and local farmers! 📦🥚🧑🏼‍🌾
We started by collecting these in Ottawa but we’ve now expanded this item to our Kingston list! Help us circulate these around our cities ♻️🌆💃🏼

Mar 23.PNG
Mar 17.PNG

March 17, 2021

Does anyone else have a ‘holiday box’?? Back story - I am cheap AF. These decorations are probably 8+ yrs. old!! I am so stingy w/ money, I would never buy decorations over and over again! ♻️😰🙈
St. Patty’s day is my FAVOURITE day of the entire year - otherwise known as my ‘fake bday’!! 🍀☘️🍀
Decorations don’t die...use them over and over and over again! 💚🌎♻️

March 16, 2021

Just me in my natural habitat ♻️🤷🏼‍♀️🌎

Mar 16.PNG
Mar 9.PNG

March 9, 2021

SPOILER ALERT: I’m not perfect pt.2 😔😔
When it comes to our food, the best way to reduce your waste footprint is making everything yourself (and buying ingredients from your zero-waste grocery store). But, with my busy lifestyle, it’s hard enough to make everything from scratch👩🏼‍🍳♻️😰
These are all of my cartons from November until now. I love almond milk but I could definitely go to an alternative if it means it comes in a glass jar 🥛💡🌎

March 8, 2021

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.” -Stephanie Bennett-Henry 😌
Happy International Women’s Day to all you bad-ass women!

Mar 8.PNG
Mar 3.PNG

March 3, 2021

SPOILER ALERT: I’m not perfect 😔
A year ago, Covid put quite the damper on the way we reuse. I sure do loveee my Tim Hortons steeped tea but I haven’t been able to use my reusable mug 😢♻️🚯
I have 30 cups here that I’ve collected since October. Not all of them are mine, however, most are. The only way to change this is to refuse. I’ve reduced but I’m only human amirite? 🤷🏼‍♀️😩🙅🏼‍♀️
(Can you imagine the pile up of cups from someone who gets a coffee or tea everyday 😰)

February 25, 2021

Did you know that Earthub has 42 drop-off locations across Canada & 2 drop-off locations in the U.S for your used (CLEAN) prescription pill bottles? 💊🌎👏🏼
EMAIL your city to to be directed to your nearest drop-off location. We ship these pill bottles, directly from the drop-off city, to a disaster relief organization (@m25m_org) that uses them as medical supplies! 📬📦♻️

Feb 25.PNG
Feb 24.PNG

February 24, 2021

The Personal Care Earthub Tub 
Sustainable products retailed at $199.99. Buy your Tub for $99 on our website and for a limited time, receive a free eucalyptus homemade deodorant (while supplies last)! 📦💃🏼😲

February 16, 2021

Another 303 egg cartons brought to 

Debra Dynes Family House and local farmers for reuse in Ottawa! 📍🥚💃🏼
Hard to believe we’re only 6 weeks into 2021 and have saved nearly 1000 egg cartons from the landfill 🚯🌎♻️
Yes, egg cartons can go in the recycling bin but the time, money, labour, energy, and emissions that go into recycling outweigh the quantity of material extracted to produce the new product ⇾ refuse, reduce, reuse > recycle! 🙅🏼‍♀️⏳🔄
Email us for the 20 drop-off locations in Ottawa! or if you’re in the west end, 📬📦📥

Feb 16.PNG
Jan 26.PNG

January 26, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we’re not even 1 full month into 2021 and we’ve already kept 580 egg cartons out of the landfill for reuse here in Ottawa! ⏳📍♻️
We send these egg cartons to food banks and local farmers to reuse! ♻️🥚🧑🏼‍🌾
Email or (if you’re in the west end) to donate your eggs cartons! 📬♻️🍳

January 21, 2021

I love putting together your Earthub Tubs! 💚🌎📦
Trying to zero-waste but don’t know how? Put together your customized Earthub Tub with local, sustainable products at a bundle price and make the switch! 🆘🌎🚯
Order at
To inquire about Earthub Tubs email 📬📦🧾

Jan 21.PNG
Jan 14.PNG

January 14, 2021

Drained. Claustrophobic. Isolated. 😞🤯😓
As we dive into another state of emergency, I’m sure we’re all feeling these things. Now, more than ever, is the time to help one another. 🤝🔊🆘
I have had the pleasure of connecting with some incredible people through Earthub. Maryann is the owner of Stitch Happens in London, ON and has been donating masks to those in need for some time now. ♻️🚯💚
If you are an organization that can distribute masks or you are in need of masks for yourself/family, please email or so we can help you. Maryann dedicates her free time, materials, and shipping costs for this. If you are in a stable financial situation, please consider donating to the above Stitch Happens email address. If you are in London, you can also donate fabrics you have laying around! We have GOT to get through this guys. Let’s get masks out to those in need. 📦📬💰
It is of utmost importance to us that the receiver, whether organization or individual, is supportive of the LGBQT community 🌈💘🤗

January 13, 2021

Got milk...bags? If you are in Ottawa and drink cow’s milk, please don’t throw these out! We can give these a second life by making milk bag mats for the homeless. ♻️🐄🥛
Drink plant-based milk? I recently discovered Ottawa’s Milk (WO)man! Check out Hippie Mylk for your zero-waste, vegan ‘milk’ needs 🌱🥛🌎
Please EMAIL for our 16 drop-off locations across Ottawa. In the west end? Email 📍🥛📬

Jan 13.PNG
Jan 12.PNG

January 12, 2021

The egg carton collection is not off to a bad start for 2021! We donate cartons to food banks in order for them to distribute the eggs they receive in large trays (in OTTAWA) 
We’re bringing this load into Debra Dynes Family House tomorrow. Following the strict regulations starting Thursday, please continue to collect your items and stockpile if you can to avoid unnecessary travel! During this time of uncertainty, we still need to work together to be environmentally friendly 🚯📦♻️
Did you know we have 16 drop-off locations around Ottawa? You might even be in walking distance of one (we could all use some fresh air during this lockdown 😞)! Email us for drop-off locations at 📬📍🥚

January 11, 2021

Anyone remember when business travel (or any travel) was a thing? Ya, me either 😂🚞
You’ve probably come across this item during short-term travel. You might even have a pile of them...collecting dust. These thin hotel slippers typically only get used once or twice before disposal😪🚯
But what if they could be reused? We have an Earthub Volunteer in Ottawa who up-cycles these babies. Divert these from the landfill! Message ReCreativity Ottawa on Facebook or email Re: Hotel Slippers for the specific drop-off location in Ottawa📦

Jan 11.PNG
Jan 5.PNG

January 5, 2021

Meet Leanne! She posted on the Eco West Enders Facebook page that she was collecting outer milk bags in support of the Royal Canadian Legion’s 

'Leave The Streets Behind' Operation in Ottawa 

This was months and months ago - at this point I was already collecting pill bottles, mascara wands, egg cartons, and crayons so I thought this would be a great addition in my ‘items to keep out of the landfill’ list! ✅🚯♻️
The milk bags are collected at Earthub locations in OTTAWA to make milk bag mats for homeless veterans. If you drink cow’s milk, this is a great way to give these bags a second life. 🐮♻️🐄
BUT this isn’t the solution. There is a way to completely eliminate know what I’m going to say right?? Reduce your cow milk intake or stop drinking cow’s milk altogether (it is for baby cows after all) 🐮🤷🏼‍♀️😏📦

December 26, 2020

Single use plastic is a hard pill to swallow 💊😔💊
We collect used (CLEAN) prescription pill bottles to donate to a disaster relief organization ♻️🚯♻️
We have drop-off locations across the country. Please email us to donate at 📬📦

Dec 26.PNG
Dec 25.PNG

December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Although it was a weird year, it was an important one. New connections were made, everyone was helping everyone like never before, and there was actually time to take a step back and reflect on what’s truly important in life. 🎄🤗🌎
At the beginning of the pandemic, we connected with Debra Dynes Family House to come to the realization that the egg cartons we had been collecting for local farmers could also contribute to food banks. Debra Dynes Family House receives their eggs in trays and needs the cartons we reuse from YOU to distribute eggs to those in need. ♻️🚯🥚
I can report back that 1404 egg cartons were collected by Earthub to donate for reuse at Debra Dynes Family House in 2020. We encourage reduction, so eliminating or reducing your egg intake is great! But we get that it could take some time or not possible for you, so this is our bandaid solution for now 🐣🩹♻️

December 24, 2020

Say hello to Karissa! She is a highschool student in Sault Ste. Marie who has gotten involved in our Pill Bottle Collection ☺️🙋🏻‍♀️♻️
We send your used (clean) prescription pill bottles to a disaster relief organization where they use them as medical supplies in emergency situations
There are volunteers, like Karissa, in multiple cities across the country! Email us at to donate ♻️📬📦

Dec 24.PNG
Dec 22.PNG

December 22, 2020

THREE more sleeps until you open your Tub 🌎🎁✨
Can’t wait for you to get your sustainable, local products! 🚯♻️📍

December 21, 2020

Sustainable products valued at $220+ for LESS! Create your Earthub TUB today at for your bundle deal on these amazing products 🌎🎁
You’ve still got time!!🤶🏼🧑🏽‍🎄🎅🏼
Want some of these local items separately? Check out Lemongrass and Lavender and Hive Vibe Wraps

December 18, 2020

Last chance to get an Earthub Tub for sustainable stocking stuffers! The Tubs are full of sustainable products (some locally made) that YOU select, decreasing the amount of ‘stuff’ you don’t need. Let’s normalize minimalism and zero-waste! ♻️🤶🏼🧦
Order yours now at our store page at

Dec 18.PNG
Dec 17.PNG

December 17, 2020

And just like that, we’ve kept over 1000 egg cartons out of the landfill by donating them to the food bank for reuse! 🌎♻️🥚
Rethink ➝ Refuse ➝ Reuse 🤔🚯♻️
Email for drop-off locations in the Ottawa area ♻️📍📬

Dec 14.PNG

December 14, 2020

Not just a zero-waste starter kit but the ultimate stocking stuffer package! We had someone pick up their Tub last night with these wonderful products and a cost savings of $19.44 with our bundle price! 
Order your Earthub Tub today

for sustainable products! 🌎🎄🎁

Dec 11.PNG
Dec 10.PNG

December 10, 2020

EARTHUB TUBS - your zero-waste starter kit! ♻️🎁🌎
First order packed and delivered 😌✅🤗
Order yours before the end of 2020 to start the new year off right. You’ll never have to buy plastic razors, dryer sheets, plastic bottles of shampoo/conditioner, or saran wrap again saving the environment and your 💰 long-term 💸⏳

December 9, 2020

Don’t know how to zero-waste?? You’re in luck because the zero-waste starter kits are here AKA EARTHUB TUBS! ♻️🌎🎁
Invest in your Earthub Tub to prevent the continuous purchases of dryer sheets, saran wrap, plastic razors, and more! This Tub will help you make those swaps...for good 😌♻️👌🏼
Open for local orders in the Eastern Ontario region. Go to our store at 🌎📍✅

December 8, 2020

We collect your egg cartons in Ottawa for reuse at food banks such as Debra Dynes Family House 🏠♻️🥚
202 cartons in this picture 🥚😁✔️
Click on the email link to contact us about donating! ♻️🌎📬

Dec 8.PNG
Nov 30.PNG

November 26, 2020

Introducing Karen, the Founder of @ecowestenders! Karen and I have connected through our similar mindsets on environmental initiatives and a sustainable future. ♻️🌎
We have collaborated our groups to keep items out of the landfill and spread environmental awareness! 🚯♻️
I am so lucky to have Karen helping me out on the west end. If you are interested in donating the items we keep out of the landfill, be sure to email us at! 🌎📬💌

November 26, 2020

6.5.0 ↦ that’s how many cartons we’ve been able to reuse to date! 
Email us at for Ottawa drop-off locations to donate! 🥚📍📬
Cartons are brought to the food bank to be reused ♻️♻️♻️

Nov 26.PNG
Nov 23.PNG

November 23, 2020

ATTN: Ottawa parents!! 👧🏼👶🏽
I KNOW you have these! Stop tossin’ them - we collect them for @ecowestenders for the TerraCycle program. ♻️🌎
Email us for drop-off locations! 📬📍

November 19, 2020

Did you know we collect the outer 4L milk bags in Ottawa if you’re a cow milk drinker? 🥛🐮
The milk bags are used to make milk bag sleeping mats for homeless veterans in support of the Royal Canadian Legion for operation 'Leave The Streets Behind'

Nov 19.PNG
Nov 17.PNG

November 17, 2020

Did you know we collect single-use and broken crayons

in Ottawa? ♻️📍
We have an @ecowestenders volunteer who melts down the crayons for Operation Christmas Child 🎄🌍💚
Be sure to email us to donate! 🎁📬☺️

November 9, 2020

Decided to do a change of scenery for my typical egg carton picture since it was such a beautiful day! 💁🏼‍♀️🍃🌞
177 more egg cartons to be reused for 

Debra Dynes Family House ♻️🏠🚯
Thank you for collecting! If you are in the Ottawa area please contact to donate 🥚😊📍

Nov 9.PNG
Nov 4.PNG

November 4, 2020

Our AMAZING friend Hailey Kentt is collecting blankets and winter gear for the homeless in Ottawa 📍🧤🧣
Have some textiles you’ve been looking to get rid of and could go to someone in need? Email for drop-off locations for this winter gear!

November 2, 2020

Don’t FALL for single-use 🍂🍃🍁
Covid has been hard. We’re adapting to a new ‘normal’ with maintaining distances with our loved ones, the social interaction at the office, school, etc., and being isolated on our own.
In addition to these struggles, the environment is suffering - and it’s not necessarily our fault. Opt out for what you can, reduce your single use items, and buy local. WE CAN DO THIS 💃🏼♻️🚯

Nov 2.PNG
Oct 28.PNG

October 28, 2020



Appalachian Wildlife Rescue 
Amount: 79 mascara wands
Cost: $12.10

October 27, 2020


More egg cartons to Debra Dynes Family House 

ft. Kitty 🥚🐱♻️
We have donated 309 cartons to date! Thank you for collecting these 🤗♻️🥚

Oct 27.PNG
Oct 22.PNG

October 22, 2020


Our next shipment of mascara wands is going out by the end of the weekend to Appalachian Wildlife Rescue 🐾🐇
We collect clean mascara wands to send to their 'Wands for Wildlife' program in October’s and February’s. They REUSE these wands as brushes on tiny animals! 🐥♻️🐾
Please EMAIL us at to arrange drop-off. 

Oct 1.PNG

October 1, 2020


All I have ever wanted to do is spread environmental awareness to all 💚


Please be sure to vote for Earthub! 🌎

Sept 28.PNG

September 28, 2020

Another day, another set of egg cartons 🥚♻️💃🏼
This is 75 cartons! Thank you everyone! 💚🌎♻️

September 21, 2020

In the past week, you have seen our adamancy on doing whatever we can to keep items OUT of the landfill...and this is just the beginning. 🙅🏼‍♀️🚯✅
We have added to our collection list and we’re not stopping anytime soon! We have teamed up with @ecowestenders to collect juice/snack pouches for the TerraCycle program! ♻️🌎📜
Don’t throw these out!! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
**Photo taken from TerraCycle website 📸

Sept 21.PNG
Sept 15.PNG

September 15, 2020

Coming at ya Debra Dynes Family House 🐔🥚🍳
Another 116 egg cartons diverted from landfills♻️🥚🚯

September 13, 2020

We have launched our landfill collection service in Ottawa, Ontario AKA Earthub Bins! 🚯
Keeping items out of the landfill 101 🙅🏼‍♀️
Visit our Facebook page for more info! It has been a hit so far! 🌎

Sept 13.PNG
Sept 13_2.PNG
Sept 10.PNG

September 10, 2020

More egg cartons for Debra Dynes Family House!!! 🍳🏡🥚
We collect egg cartons in the Ottawa area to donate to Debra Dynes Family House, a community resource centre that also acts as a food bank. 🍞🥫🥚
Keep these out of the recycling bin (or even worse, the garbage bin)! We can reuse these ☺️♻️🚯

September 7, 2020

•zero-waste 🚯
•promotes hydration 💦
•vitamins&minerals 🥒

Sept 7.PNG
Aug 31.PNG

August 31, 2020

Another bulk egg carton drop off to 

Debra Dynes Family House 🐔🥚🍳
Save your cartons for a higher purpose! Food banks reuse egg cartons to distribute eggs.♻️🥚🚯

August 27, 2020

The pumpkin spice latte means one thing: OCTOBER IS COMING sooner than later🧟‍♂️🎃🧙🏽‍♀️

This means we can start sending your mascara wands in bulk to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge for the Wands for Wildlife program! 🐭🐥🐾

Save your mascara wands! We collect them! ♻️🚯💌

 You’ve got tiimmmmeeeee! ⏰⏳👀

August 11, 2020

With the lockdown happening back in March, we finally had the time to clean, sort, and ship 607 pill bottles to Matthew 25: Ministries, a disaster relief organization that reuses them as medical supplies! 🧼📦🩺

Now that we’ve started up the pill bottle collection initiative again, we are looking for volunteers! It’s been a bit tough finalizing volunteers right now due to Covid, which is completely understandable! 💊🌎💃🏼

We have locked down volunteers/drop-off locations in Ottawa, Kingston, Kitchener, and Toronto in Ontario, Bedford in Nova Scotia, and Upper Sandusky in Ohio. We still have many cities pending finalization but in the meantime, we NEED YOU! Email us HERE to hop on board with this initiative! 🆘👋🏼♻️

pill bottles2.jpg
beach tims cups.jpg

August 5, 2020

Did you hit the beach this long weekend? Hope it didn’t look like this 😣🏝🚯

July 19, 2020

Who’s ready for the prescription pill bottle collection to start up again?? 💊😏♻️

We put a pause on product donations due to Covid19 but we want to start up again and continue our initiative of keeping these out of the landfill! 🚯♻️🌎

Pill bottles are made from polypropylene, a plastic that can be melted at 2400°C. The time, efforts, and energy that go into recycling this material are not equivalent to the value we get out of the extruded material afterwards. It is ALWAYS better to reduce and reuse! 🙅🏻♻️🙅🏼‍♀️

Contact us to see how you can donate your clean, used prescription pill bottles. We send them to Matthew 25: Ministries where they can reuse them as medical supplies in disaster relief situations! Click here to email! 📬📦💊

pill bottles1.jpg
farago the label.jpg

June 20, 2020


Sustainable Swimsuits?!! Check out Francesca Farago's line: Farago the Label 👙🌊

tanning lotion bottles.jpg

June 20, 2020

Are you catching some rays today? 🌞👙☀️

These are some tanning lotions I’ve had laying around (yes, I used to go in tanning beds regularly...that’s a diff story 😖). I cut them open and scraped out all the leftovers. 🥄⏳🔪

The point is not to waste anything! Use up what you have prior to buying your sustainable products. Every last drop counts 😉 (and less $$ spent)! 💰💧☀️

June 9, 2020

Buying new is honestly REALLY difficult for me. I get a knot in my throat, feel guilt, and would rather save my money. The idea of shipping is also a negative factor. ♻️🛩📦

I have looked at those nice glass amber spray bottles on Amazon...for literally over a year now and could never press that but now button. 🚫🎁😞

I finally realized that what I was searching for was right in front of me all along! Everything we need already exists on the planet. Reuse and don’t buy new! 🌎2️⃣nd✋🏼

banana water.jpg

June 4, 2020

I recently saw this on - does anyone else soak their banana’s to exploit them for potassium water? 🍌💧🍌

Apparently, your garden will flourish with this water. I guess I’ll find out 🤷🏼‍♀️🌎🙌🏼

Great way to reuse your banana peel prior to compost! ♻️🍌🚯

June 2, 2020


We stand with you.

blackout tuesday.jpg
egg cartons.jpg

May 27, 2020

Egg eaters...what are you doing with your egg cartons?! 🥚🥚🥚

Here’s another item you can keep out of your bin. We have been collecting egg cartons for over a year now! While we regularly give them to local farmers, today we gave a stack to Debra Dynes Family House 🏡

Donate today or see if your local food bank is accepting them during Covid19 🍏🥫🍳

May 21, 2020

Another occupation to add to the resume: soap maker 🧼👩🏼‍🍳🛁


May 19, 2020

Picnic w/ my sole mates 👟🧺😍

My Vessi shoes finally came in the mail today!! Buying ‘new’ is VERY rare for me but with my current shoes falling was time 😰

I chose the Vessi brand because of their sustainability values, the fact that they’re vegan, AND a portion of my payment went towards purchasing masks for healthcare workers.

It was a beauty day for a 10km hike in these new babies 🏞🏃🏼‍♀️🗺

wands for wildlife collage.jpg

May 16, 2020

Stop sending your mascara wands to the landfill! Earthub collects them in bulk and ships them to Appalachian Wild so they can be used as mini brushes on tiny, cute animals 🐭🌎💌

SHOUT OUT to my beautiful friends 💚

**Always remember - reduction/prevention is the first step. Find sustainable mascara or reduce how much you use ☺️**

May 5, 2020

Say hello to Iris! She’s a little environmentalist who knows that we only have one planet. Your decisions today affect her tomorrow. 👩🏻‍🌾🌻🌎


April 29, 2020

Alright 'Empties 4 Paws Barrhaven' we’re ready for you! 🍾

One of our many missions is to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. Donating empties may seem obvious but aluminum cans are also high on the list. We collect, store, and donate these cans to raise money for various animal rescue organizations. 🐱💰🐶

Check out for areas near you or contact us if you’re in the Ottawa area and would like to donate for our furry friends! 😻🐕🐾

April 27, 2020

This project has been in the works for a LONG time! We are finally revealing our work on CRAYONS 🖍🖍🖍

Crayons are often a single use item in some restaurants. It has a negative impact increasing the landfill pile but has a positive impact reducing the germs that may cross amongst numerous children. 🗑🦠🙅🏼‍♀️

Heart and Crown Barrhaven saves their crayons for product donation to Earthub. We remove the labels -> melt them down again, removing all bacteria -> and donate them to Debra Dynes Family House, a community resource centre. ❤️👑🏡

Here’s another item we can keep out of the landfill! If you’re an Ottawa restaurant who would like to contribute, get in touch with us! 🍻🍴👧🏼

crayons before.jpg
crayons after.jpg

April 23, 2020

But....why isn’t everyday #earthday ?? 🤷🏼‍♀️


April 19, 2020

When there is time to breathe and slow down, treat your body right. ️🥒🥕

The best part is...the nearly non existent garbage pile.

pill bottles.jpg

April 1, 2020

Single use plastic is a hard pill to swallow 

Unfortunately, this post is long overdue. Earthub keeps items out of the landfill and sends them in bulk to a greater cause. Pill bottles have been our number 1 item but during these times of Covid-19, we are heartbroken to announce that we will no longer be collecting items to keep out of the landfill until the virus has passed. 🦠

We do have items that have been collected since September that will still be stored when we are ready to move forward. Any product donations collected in January or after will be properly disposed of, as this was the time of the first Canadian case. 🧪🧫🩺

This decision is extremely hard but it’s what is best for the health and safety of everyone. Hopefully this pandemic will pass sooner than later and we can get back to saving the planet. We wish everybody good health during these times.

futuristic february.png

March 15, 2020

A bit late but here was my #FuturisticFebruary! February is also midterm and summer job application month, so it makes things difficult when life is so busy.

I caved a couple of times and got ready made food at Metro (awaiting the day we can bring our own containers).

What I find most amazing is my jar of garbage! After making zero-waste a habit for a year, it will eventually come naturally!

February 15, 2020

If your #FuturisticFebruary looks like this, you're doing it wrong...

Please note before bashing: my jacket is 6 yrs old... :|

tims trash.jpeg

January 31, 2020

Preppin' for #FuturisticFebruary like...

Plastic containers before and swapping to homemade hummus now!


January 29, 2020

Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely - approximately 75% of all aluminum produced to date is still in use today, according to The Aluminium Association. That is a lot more than what we can say for plastic! ♻️

Aluminium is something that should never, EVER go in the landfill because the components can be easily melted and be reused. 

Earthub collects cans and empties in Ottawa to donate to Empties for Paws, where the money is raised for animal shelters! 

December 29, 2019

Here’s one of my 3 Christmas gifts! My brother is so clever - knowing I collect pill bottles, he put bills in some . Too good!

You see a U.S. bill because our family is heading on our vacation down south (as I write this post). I can’t help but feel so much guilt going on an airplane (same @thegreenmum). I know we can all be hard on ourselves with eco-anxiety but sometimes we have to do uncomfortable things to just ‘live’ our lives. We didn’t do Christmas gifts this year because we make memories down south instead. 

Regardless, individual steps do make a difference and we’re all trying! I will be purchasing my carbon offsets when I get back. Cheers! 🥂️️


December 26, 2019

I want to introduce you to my Mom! Although I am based in Ottawa, ON, she is my number one Kingston, ON volunteer for our pill bottle collection. In this picture, we have 223 pill bottles from Kingston, 148 from Toronto, and even 11 that my cousins saved to bring up to Canada from New York City to donate! 
For those of you who are new to Earthub, we collect pill bottles in bulk and ship them to Matthew 25: Ministries, who will then use them in disaster relief situations around the globe. ⛰
This is a great way to reuse the pill bottles. We clean them, sort them, and package them so they are ready to be used as medical supplies. Earthub has a shocking 1000 pill bottles in our hands right now! We will ship them in the New Year once they’re all cleaned and ready to go! 🧽♻️🧼

December 25, 2019

If you had asked me 15 years ago if I would have ever wished for empty space under the Christmas tree, my response would’ve been a lot different than today. ‍‍‍

Growing up, our Christmas mornings were nothing less than extravagant. We had gotten everything we ever wanted! I was a very materialistic child and teenager. As my three younger brothers and I grew older, we valued our time together over Christmas gifts. 

Consumption on Christmas Day gives me anxiety. Depleting resources and ‘things’ we just don’t need. If you take your niece or nephew to go bowling, go to the movies with your cousins, or play board games with your parents - it’s going to be more memorable than an item that you may forget about in years to come. 

Merry Christmas to all! Wishing you the best of memories. 


December 18, 2019

Out with the old and in with the new...switching out my old @lamazuna toothbrush head! ♻️

Truth be told - I did originally purchase this toothbrush at @nugrocery thinking it was bamboo at first (the package was not in English) but over time I was much more satisfied with this toothbrush handle than a bamboo one! ✅

I will have this handle forever. It will stay on the planet longer than I unless the unfortunate event of it snapping in half occurs, there is really no reason why I can’t use it for the rest of my life! 
The company has also teamed up with Terracycle to ensure the heads are recycled properly! ♻️

December 7, 2019

We did our first GIVEAWAY!!! 🌱🎁📬


How many cotton swabs have you used in your lifetime? This Eco-Friendly Reusable Cotton Swab can eliminate single use cotton swabs. It comes in handy for ear cleaning and makeup touch-ups. We should also’s VEGAN!


November 12, 2019

Let me introduce everyone to Melody Lachance! Melody resides in the Ottawa area and spends a lot of her time helping out with rescues. She helps with Furry Tales Rescue, Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws, Freedom Dog Rescue, Pet Resource Bank, Empties for Paws, and others when she can! 😺🐾🐶


She raises money by collecting empties, pop cans, and e-waste. She has also dedicated herself to being Earthub’s pill bottle collector in the Barrhaven area! 🗑🏘🌲


Thank you Melody for all that you do! You can find her on Facebook and/or by searching the groups listed above ♥️🌎🐾

Email for more information.

my mom does not moo.jpeg

October 31, 2019

 Not your mom, not your milk.

A quite obvious natural process that occurs when a female body produces that she must be pregnant. How is it humanly possible for a cow to be pregnant at all times in order to supply the amount of milk we use in North America?

Well that’s just it - it’s not humanly possible. Could you imagine a female human being impregnated by force in a constant cycle over and over and over again?

Due to this being an unnatural process, dairy cows are essentially pumped with drugs to forcibly create more milk. It is quite obvious that with this kind of action, the cows are not cared for. What about the equipment used? 

Mastitis is an udder infection that 1 out of 6 cows endure. The truth about mastitis? It actual generates pus. The dairy industry in North America allows the milk to be sold, even with these pus cells. Yum? 🤢🤮🤧

The amount of land that is used for the massive production has been the cause of negative environmental impacts. Agricultural runoff has polluted numerous bodies of water in North America.

Not only is it polluting our limited freshwater but dairy production requires gallons of water to make milk, cheese, and butter. To produce a glass of milk 30 gallons of water is required. That is equivalent to about fifty-seven 2L pop bottles.

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Does your mom moo?

October 30, 2019

I am The Capital of Canada has undergone significant changes recently, in regards to infrastructure. The uproar has been overwhelmingly negative and I want to be one of the first to say that this light rail is the most beautiful thing to happen to Ottawa transportation. 

The design process, the planning, and the actual construction is not easy. I wish everyone could’ve seen what happened behind the scenes like I did. Perhaps then, there wouldn’t be such a negative attitude about this so called inconvenience. 

Folks, we have to start somewhere. Transportation is a science in itself. How can we get this amount of people from point A to point B in this amount of time? The light rail construction took place in the most difficult area, the core of downtown. The hardest part is over. You cannot please everybody but please be patient and appreciate the growth of this life changing transporting system. 


October, 2019

I am a student in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa. When I noticed that the ESS (Engineering Student Society) was participating in a clothing drive, I couldn’t help but be involved somehow. Thanks to my awesome roommates, a purge took place in our household. We managed to fill half of this big blue bin with clothes that are in great condition but items we had lost an attachment to. 

I find mind-blowing that so many clothes end up in the landfill. Even old clothes that are worn out or have holes in them can be reused through shredding the textiles. You can donate these types of items at H&M! Rethink your ‘garbage’ please!

October 28, 2019

It is kind of difficult to avoid toilet paper, especially if you are a renter and you have roommates. I use Cascade Moka Natural Unbleached Recycled Toilet Paper. I buy this from NUGrocery in Ottawa. It seems to be the brand they support, so I am happy to follow their lead.

While looking at various numbers while researching, my estimation is that North America is using 8.4 TONS of bath tissue per year. Can you imagine how many resources are used to establish that huge number?

This recycled TP is not chemically bleached, 20% of it is made from recycled cardboard boxes, and the entirety is made from 100% recycled fibres!


October 26, 2019

This summer was KALEINNN me! I am a first time gardener (since I was a kid helping mom or grandma with flowers...and I wasn’t much help); this is the first time I have attempted to produce veggies for myself.

I may have failed miserably but I was able to get some beautiful kale. My tomatoes are green, the zucchini never pulled through, and the carrots had a few leafy greens sprout up but not much.

Luckily, it wasn’t just my low expertise but it was apparently a horrible season for all - hitting my ego a little less hard. Better luck next year!

October 23, 2019

'Compostable' and 'biodegradable' have different meanings. Anything that can be composted is broken down organically and therefore gives off CO2 (carbon dioxide), not CH4 (methane) as a landfill gives off...which has 25 times the heat capacity.

So, how amazing is it that a 100% compostable phone case exists?! Pela phone cases are preventing plastic waste from the phone industry. I recently received mine and was so excited to reduce my plastic footprint...even more!

When a new phone comes out and it it a different shape or it has a different physical feature, the demand for that type of phone case obviously goes down. What happens to all of these (NEW) plastic phone cases? They end up in the landfill :(

pela case 3.jpg
pela case 2.jpg
voting 1.JPG

October 21, 2019

The excitement of a first time voter!

That's right...28 years old and I have never voted before, shame on me. I hated politics, I avoided the news because 95% of the time it was something I didn't want to hear, and I always said if it weren't frowned upon, I would disappear somewhere warm, bartend for a living, and live in a hammock...just LIVING my life.


But the reality is, I was raised in a beautiful country with so much privilege. I realize my voice does matter and from what Earthub has brought me - it tells me people are listening. I am so happy to have voted! 

masaca wands 16.jpg

October 19, 2019

Have you heard of Wands for Wildlife? Here's a way to reuse your old mascara wands...

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge can reuse old mascara wands to brush off larva and fly eggs from tiny animals. REMEMBER though - the point of this program is not to go out and buy these wands...but to reuse something before it ends up in the landfill. 

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is only accepting wands for the months of October and February in which we will continue to collect in bulk and send them off. Email to arrange to have your old mascara wands picked up :)

October 17, 2019

Being on the go for 16 hours a day, I need to be prepared. I bring EVERYTHING I can with me (I am referred to as the bag lady). Why buy something if you forget it? NO, you already have it! 

Now, there are days where I really want my steeped tea and forget my reusable mug but this Tim Hortons cup has been used at least 4 times! Even when I go to Tim’s I insist that they use this cup if I forget my mug (even though they look at me like I am crazy). I store seeds, sugar, salt, and teabags (slowly phasing out) in my locker at school to reduce small item packaging waste.

When I go to the gym, I bring my bar of soap, hair wash, etc. with me instead of buying new ones.


Use what you have and hold yourself accountable on those days where you just have to use landfill items. Futuristic February by the Sustainable Duo is what made me hold myself accountable to visualize what I was using the most that could be transitioned to a zero-waste technique. Working towards zero-waste is still a HUGE accomplishment in today’s society! 

locker b.jpg
locker a.jpg
mad radish.jpg

October 10, 2019

I am BUSY! Like crazy, stupid BUSY! But that’s how I have always been and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤯🏼

I am a full-time engineering student, a part-time server, the founder and runner of Earthub, a LEED Green Associate, an Associate member of OACETT, and extremely everything takes me twice as long because it MUST be perfect.

My zero waste lifestyle and vegan eating habits get very difficult because I literally have no time to prepare food these days. However, as consumers, we have a voice in who and what we support. The Mad Radish puts all of your takeout in compostable items! I am way more inclined to eat food from there because waste makes me cringe. Make good food choices for our planet.


P.S. I really do hate eating out but hey we’re all human and I do what I can!!

September 27, 2019

Thank you to our leaders! Oops, I mean minors...! Wait...what?

climate strike.jpg
tims construction.jpg

September 19, 2019

“I’ll have a large double double” - said every construction worker ever.

pens b.jpg
pens a.jpg
pill bottles.jpg

August 19, 2019

Although we’ve had a busy summer - the pill bottle collection is still going on! ♻️❗️

As most of you already know, the majority of plastic recycling actually ends up in the garbage. Prevent this from happening by reusing! Earthub sends all of these pill bottles (in bulk) to Matthew: 25 Ministries, a disaster relief organization. They can reuse them in times of natural disasters in third world countries. 


Please think before you dispose of something, it could go towards a great cause (even if it means holding on to it for a bit longer than you want to)!

August 13, 2019

Construction has to be one of the most difficult industries to push for environmentally friendly solutions. It may appear contradictory because the construction industry is working towards more sustainable processes; a lot more than what we see on the surface.

Over the years, one of the number one things I see in the field is plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups. I feel I have influenced many individuals in construction on reusables and better techniques. Sometimes it can be impossible but seeing strides like this when I go to site gives me reassurance that we are trying!

construction site.jpg
disposable diaper.jpg

August 3, 2019

Let’s take up a lesson in my favourite subject - MATH. How many babies are born per year worldwide? According to ecology birth and death rates, there are about 130,000,000 births per year. Let’s be generous and say 80,000,000 of those babies actually have accessibility to diapers. Each of those babies use 3000 diapers per year.

These 240,000,000,000 diapers that were used just last year, will remain on the planet for the next 400 years. 🦖

The solution shouldn’t really be a surprise; reuse, reuse, reuse. Especially during these summer months, what kid doesn’t love splashing around?! Be sure to use cloth swim diapers. Over time, you can make the transition to linen diapers


July 31, 2019

Being a university student means working hard during the summer to be able to live "comfortably" during the school year (plus a hefty tuition bill). ️

But even still, I started asking myself what was more important...spending $25 during a night out or spending that money to change someone’s life?

There are 844 million people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water. Now ask yourself, how would your day go trying to track down water you could drink, if that water was not easily accessible? We are so fortunate and we take it for granted. I know I did my part by purchasing my water bracelet from Creations For A Cause to supply clean drinking water for 5 people. Use code EARTH101 to get 15% off your water bracelet!


July 20, 2019

There are a lot of materials that people think are recyclable. Some common ones are ceramics and glass. These items CANNOT go in your blue bin! They require a higher melting temperature that most recycling facilities do not have the equipment for. 


Did you know that even some ‘vintage’ dishes you may have contain lead and uranium? These elements can leach out of your old dinnerware. Lead poisoning may occur and uranium is a radioactive substance.


Not good!

There is so much science behind what you consume and dispose of!

September 13, 2019

Pens, highlighters, sharpies, and any other writing instruments are another category of items we keep out of the landfill! Literally nothing is garbage these days! There is always a way to reuse an item for parts and materials. ️

Your used writing instruments can be put in a Terracycle bin. Staples is one establishment that does collect them!

July 16, 2019

What’s in your shopping cart? 

We are curious to know which plastic wrapped items are the most popular. Or which items with plastic most people are having a hard time avoiding. 🤷🏼‍♀️🛒


Even though it is mid-July, it is never too late to begin your plastic free journey! 

naked groceries.jpg
zerowaste kitchen.jpg

July 11, 2019

Plastic-free July! I finally made this kitchen transition. Dish soap in a glass container and non-plastic brushes! Something I’ve NEVER done before yet so easy?! Switch to products like these, let’s phase out the plastic :)

June 19, 2019

As you’ve noticed, we’ve been trying to keep certain items out of the landfill. Even out of the recycling pile! We are trying to find as many different uses as possible. 🥚

Egg cartons are made from newspaper/phone books. If you haven’t noticed already - egg cartons literally hold your eggs and BOOM they’re still in great shape.♻️🔄

Try to give these to a local farmer or donate to Earthub! If you want to cancel out these egg cartons completely - go vegan :)

egg cartons.jpg

June 15, 2019

It’s easier to just dispose of something rather than fixing it, right? Whether an item, a marriage, a piece of furniture, a friendship...? When and why did this become the norm?

There are plenty of excuses. People are going to do whatever is the most convenient for them. Why? Because people are LAZY! 

Start being a fixer. There is no need to dispose of something that has the potential to be perfect again. For example, the ‘stuff’ in this picture! 

June 4, 2019

Today is the coldest June 4th in Ottawa history (that has been recorded). We need to take climate change seriously to protect the future of human civilization.

Buy local fruits and vegetables or start your own garden! You may not realize how much your food travels. This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

This will be my first time doing a veggie garden. All we need is some sunshine!


May 22, 2019

A bridge is so much more than a hunk of construction material. It is a connection. It is a passage. It is a link.

Transportation infrastructure MUST incorporate environmental issues to accomplish a sustainable future. 


The design is not easy - consideration for the construction of the bridge, the maintenance, daily operations, the repairs, etc. must be applied with respect to the environment. 


What does “with respect to the environment” mean exactly? It means that the design should implement ways to decrease the negative impact to the planet. Some examples...?  


Using recycled materials, being conscious of fossil fuel emissions during construction, multiple uses for a structure rather than many structures to accomplish each use separately, a design that has a positive impact i.e. a green roof with bird houses to enhance biodiversity, materials that have a long life span to reduce replacements...the list is endless. 


The transportation is a huge contributor to global warming. If you could find ways to reduce these emissions, why wouldn’t you? 


If your home was heating up, would you crack open a window or would you just sweat it out until your home cooled down again? Of course you would find a short cut to cool down. 


A bridge is a solution to increase efficiency. Why would you choose to burn more gas going the long way? 


A bridge is a short cut; an easier way to accomplish the task of getting from point A to point B. A bridge is so much more than a hunk of construction material.

May 18, 2019

Some delish vegan food in NYC! I highly recommend Franchia Vegan Cafe.

NTC vegan restaurant.jpg

May 14, 2019

VEGAN breakfast!

What do our vegan friends eat for breakfast with a busy schedule? Zero-waste breakfast? Let us know what you have on the go!

wands 4 wildlife a.jpg
wands 4 wildlife b.jpg

May 7, 2019

You may have seen my recent post about keeping as much as I can OUT of the landfill. Used mascara wands are another item! They are being shipped off to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge where they reuse them as brushes on small animals. ♻️⚠️


Mascara wands are a common landfill item. What better use of them than to brush little animals?! Thank you to everyone who donated - let’s continue to keep these out of the landfill!


May 3, 2019

We are all working towards the same goal. Fighting for fresh water, clean air, good health...a future. We all want to experience life on a sustainable planet.

We cannot dwell on the past and the mistakes prior generations have made. We have to take action and move forward, immediately. No matter how big or how small, every environmental change you make can create a huge impact for a sustainable future.

Why is the next generation begging for change? Children? They’re job is to play, learn, and grow. They did not sign up to be terrified of what the future holds for them. As adults, we should be setting an example. Are you?

sustainable wallet.jpg

May 2, 2019

Sustainable wallet?! A coworker of mine knows my passion for the environment so he had no hesitation in showing me his LEEF wallet. It has a minimal design and is an eco-friendly product. We need more everyday products out there that are working towards a sustainable future!


April 29, 2019

It is my mission to keep as much as I can OUT of the landfill. I have been collecting pill bottles since December and this first round led to 104 of them! They are being shipped off to @m25m_org. They reuse them during disaster relief situations and some of the countries they go to do not have the means to carry around their medication. 

Prescription pill bottles are a #5 plastic. This is a great material to carry prescribed pills because it blocks out moisture and has a high resistance to heat. Hopefully we can find a new material to use in the future. 

But what happens when you’re done with them? Cities have different recycling facilities so it’s possible they are not accepted in your city. In addition to this, most pharmacies will NOT allow you to reuse the same pill bottle you had your daily medication in. 

Please continue with your pill bottle donations to me; together we can provide for someone in need.


April 28, 2019

Walking to work and saw these dudes cleaning up some garbage on Hunt Club Rd. Ottawa. It warms my heart to see people making a different everyday. Thanks guys!

April 27, 2019

I am so excited to finally have my cupboards looking like this! Over the past few months, transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle has had its hurdles but it is SO worth it.

Minimizing your home and life is truly a breath of fresh air. Especially the kitchen - it is the gathering place. A place where meals are made with care and love. A place where you have your morning coffee or breakfast with the kids. Now picture your kitchen with zero-waste!

More and more places are allowing their shoppers to bring their own containers. Glass jars are essential - keep these!

Tims cups.jpg

April 22, 2019

"Happy Earth Day!" - Tim Hortons

April 11, 2019

Wool dryer balls.

They decrease drying time-->saving energy-->saving money! I never used dryer sheets but for people who do, this is a great alternative.

wool dryer balls.JPG
horse in DR.jpg

April 7, 2019

"I recycle, it's all good!" - No, it is NOT all good. Ever wonder where your 'recycling' really goes?

Reducing > Recycling.

April 6, 2019

New moon, new me.

The plastic you use is NOT going anywhere. STOP recycling, just don't use plastic.

I am phasing out the plastics I have left (not everything in this picture is mine) and finding new solutions. These companies WILL lose my business.

plastic items.jpg
zero waste0.jpg

April 2, 2019

The transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.

I seriously used to think I was an 'expert recycler' from such a young age too. I would strip down the packaging on mascara, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils...separate the plastic from the cardboard. Wash out every plastic item I used. Constantly put every shred of paper in the black bin, no matter how big or how small. But then I realized I was a part of the problem.

Eliminating waste and plastic from my lifestyle is a huge eye-opener. It is now horrifying how much I did used to recycle, especially plastic, because regardless of if it is reused once or twice, it still doesn't fully have a home after that but the trash can.

I do really encourage you to make some swaps in your life to reduce your waste. It takes a few adjustments but is so worth it.

February 28, 2019

As Lady Gaga once said, "raw, raw-aw-aw-aw, rowa, rowa-wa, want your..." raw veggies.

Starting a 31-day RAW vegan diet tomorrow! Processed food packaging contributes to SO much of our waste...but wait, should we even be eating it in the first place? Yes, it tastes good, it's yummy, and it's comforting but it's because it is what we grew up on, what we are used to. The ingredients added to some of our foods are NOT meant to be in our body. Some of the same chemicals we are ingesting are also used for liquid soaps, wet tissues, and to remove rust. WTF.

So let's give this a try to reduce our waste and cleanse our bodies. The Earth and our bodies are the homes we should be taking the most care of.


February 18, 2019


1,588,600,000,000 pounds. this a large amount to you? According to Prairie Climate Centre this is what Canada produced in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2015.

We are responsible for these emissions. The top emitters? Oil and gas, electricity, transportation, heavy industry, buildings, agriculture, and waste according to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Your impact CAN make a difference. Every time you use energy, you consume, you drive --> Pause. Think. Repeat. Turn off the lights, unplug what you are not using, do not buy plastic ANYTHING, use public transportation. There are so many ways you can get into different habits to reduce emissions.

So why is climate change a bad thing? Everyone wants higher temperatures, right? Wrong. Have you ever wanted to visit California or Venice? If global warming continues, those places will be no more. What's our world going to come to? Don't you want younger generations to experience the beautiful world we have today?

Global warming is a worldwide problem.You cannot pinpoint it based on where you live (i.e. Ottawa...I was cold today). Change your habits. Prevent further destruction. Use your voice. I sat on Parliament Hill today for Great and...for you. As the capital of Canada, we should be setting an example for our country.

You know when you're in your teen years and parents will say "make good choices!!" well, now Mother Nature is telling you. Make good choices and fight climate change.

January 20, 2019

There was a large snowfall in the Ottawa area today. Here we have a snowmain in its' natural habitat.

Plastic does not fully degrade for 200-1000 years. We only have so much Earth, why are we producing something that is accumulating so much space? Why are you still buying plastic.


Plastic can be found on the ground, in the ocean, in our foods, in the stomachs of animals *including us), the list goes on.

Challenge: see how long you can go without buying/consuming something plastic/ If there's a substitute, go that route.

realize i was somebody.png

January 19, 2019

"I always wondered why someone didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." - Lily Tomlin

Every action we take makes an impact - big or small. Each and every one of us on this planet has to work towards positive impacts to drive towards a sustainable future.

I have created Earthub as a starting point. There is so much more to come. Stay tuned in and join me on this journey. A small change can make a huge difference.

January 17, 2019

Future 10 year challenge be like...2019 vs. 2029.

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January 12, 2019

As the children in my family and our family friends grew older over the past 5 years, we began to focus on memories rather than things. Each year we take a vacation down south with approximately 30-60 people in our group. It is such a memorable experience - much more memorable than a Christmas gift that has a spark for a year and ends up in the landfill years later.

I used to take a flight once a month. I am so much more conscious of this now because the flight I took to the Dominican Republic left 0.43 tonnes of carbon dioxide in my carbon footprint (according to the Carbon Footprint calculator).

On this trip, I had every intention to make my own day excursion to Cap-Haitian in Haiti to see the 'plastic ocean' (search 'Haitian coastline choked with plastic waste' to view video.

Due to the dangers involved with two Canadian women in our mid-twenties crossing the border, it was disappointing decision (for me!) that we could not go to Haiti. Instead, we explored the garbage and plastic pollution surrounding Puerto Plata.

On all-inclusive resorts, it is expected that all of the cups used outside of eating areas are plastic. It was horrifying observing how many of these we could easily stack up into a tower...within minutes. We were a group of 38 this year and I was the only one that brought a Bubba cup to prevent the use of plastics. 37 people...let's average to 20 cups per day with the 7-day vacation. 5180 cups - just from our group. Imagine thinking about the piles and piles of plastic cups the resort throws out in a week from everyone? This is not even including the single use plastic water bottles - as the tap water there cannot be ingested.

This is me...standing in a very small portion of the plastic I saw.

I stood there in the most awful stench with flip flops on wanting to go further. Wanting to see the piles of rubbish burning in the flames. Wanting to expose this to the world as black flies swarmed towards me and poked every inch of my skin as I inhaled all of the polluted particulate matter surrounding me.

Picture yourself in my position standing right there. Picture this image being your backyard one day if you don't make any changes in your lifestyle. Picture cancer being more common than it already is.

What the majority of you in North America don't know is that a huge fraction of our plastic waste actually gets shipped to developing countries. What happens to you when they ban it, just as China did recently?

Think. Just think.

January 4, 2019

Keep it clean.


January 2, 2019

We are off to a strong start with collecting pill bottles for Matthew 25: Ministries, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

For the month of December we have collected 25 pill bottles (thank you)! Pill bottles are a #5 plastic (polypropylene). Recycling programs are becoming more accommodating with the types of plastic they can recycle but it is not always guaranteed that your program does accept #5. Keep these out of the landfill!

There are many developing countries that do not have access to a safe and secure way to transport their medication. Imagine trying to maneuver your own medication from place to place. Not so easy, is it?

Save your bottles and donate to Earthub. We will happily send these off to Matthew 25: Ministries.