"Plastic is wonderful because it's durable and plastic is terrible, because it is durable" -Craig Leeson


You didn't really think every piece of plastic you threw out in North America stayed here...did you? You have been privileged enough to have a beautiful backyard, a park nearby, or being able to swim at the beach. This is a huge wake up call, where will we dispose our plastic now? Picture your backyard with mountains of plastic or your walk to the bus stop with water bottles, yogurt containers, or toothbrushes on the ground. This is what the future will hold for us if we do not reduce the use of plastic.  

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So, what are we doing to resolve the issue of where all of our plastics will go? We continue to manufacture it and then we send it to other Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Malaysia to import it instead. Watch the video below from CBC News.

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