Transition to the zero-waste lifestyle

When I launched Earthub on January 1st, I was so ready to jumpstart into changing my life (even more than I already did) for the planet. I was ready to eliminate ALL of my garbage - super easy, right? Wrong. I wanted to be one of those people who could fit all of their garbage in a jar by the end of the year. As I quickly learnt, you can’t just snap your fingers and have 0 waste without ‘slowly’ making the necessary adjustments. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

January is when I began to collect my waste. It showed me a visual of what garbage I really had and what items I needed to replace. Some ‘minor’ transitions I made were to use a safety razor, linen pads, reusable make-up remover wipes, zero-waste grocery shopping (with glass jars/cloth bags), and keeping a stainless steel straw in my backpack, purse, etc. I say minor because think about it....these things are SUPER minor in the grand scheme of your everyday life. It’s easy, no big deal. Is it more inconvenient to carry/use these items or is it more inconvenient to have piles of garbage and recycling in your backyard if the world continues this nonsense? If these adjustments are done by many individuals, it can make a huge impact. Some environmentally conscious things I had already done my entire life were bringing cutlery with me everywhere I went, packing my own food for school/work (I RARELY eat out, waste of $), recycle like crazy, always turn off/unplug anything not being used, taking short showers/not leaving the sink on when brushing, not own a car to decrease my carbon footprint, and be pescatarian for environmental reasons.

I thought I was an intense environmentalist. Launching Earthub and researching more, I realized I couldn’t call myself an environmentalist if I was still eating fish/eggs/animal made products and if I was still recycling. I was adding to the problem and calling myself an environmentalist. Silly me. You have to practice what you preach. I became vegan on January 22nd and continued to research nonstop to see what else I could/should be doing.

Moving onto February - I joined the Sustainable Duo’s Futuristic February challenge. This challenge made you keep all of your garbage AND recycling for the month to see the visual of what you were actually throwing out. I’ll admit, I was super busy/on the go in February so, I didn’t ‘try’ hard (me not ‘trying’ is still WAY less than most of society). At the end of the month, I realized the majority of my recycling and garbage was totally unnecessary. 90% of my February pile was food packaging!! Unbelievable. I saved all of this food packaging to complete another project but unfortunately, someone threw all of my February garbage dare they! (hahaha)

How could I eliminate my waste pile? For the month of March, I came up with the solution to try a raw vegan diet, for the sake of no waste. It was amazing how my waste/recycling diminished. In addition to this, I have never felt my body be this healthy before. I have tried diet after diet but guess what? Eating what you’re supposed to be eating, naturally, from the Earth...does wonders. My body had never felt better. I did admit on social media that I have some severe mental health issues. March was a bad month for me, so binge eating came into play and only made me feel worse. All I can do is restart from here :)

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