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How to Order Your Earthub Tub:

  • choose your Tub package

  • download and fill out the PDF order form

  • send your order form to

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Total value of $260!

Save with your Earthub Tub

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​Why are you only accepting orders for Ottawa, Brockville, and Kingston, Ontario?

We want to keep things as local as possible with the lowest impact on the environment. Shipping the Tubs far out, not only makes us feel guilty about the carbon emissions, but doesn't keep items local. Until Earthub expands to that capacity, the Earthub Tubs will remain in the Eastern Ontario region where they can be easily delivered.

Why can I not buy individual items?

The Earthub Tub is essentially a zero-waste kit. The bundled items are provided in your kit to save YOU costs. If you were looking to purchase local items individually, we have provided a link under the product description.

Do I have to 'sign-up' to get an Earthub Tub?

Earthub Tubs are not a subscription box. The point is to get people away from buying MORE than they need. Reduce, reduce, reduce. The items we provide you in your Earthub Tub will ensure that you are not constantly consuming and spending on single use items. We are here to HELP you get away from constant consumption! Say goodbye to your subscription boxes ;)

How are my items sustainably packaged?

Your Earthub Tub is made from 100% recycled and recyclable fibres. Your products will be safely packaged with ornament paper shred from EcoEnclose to ensure a delicate cushion. We're all about reusing, so be sure to contact us to return your Earthub Tub and Paper Shred!

Order Forms

Earthub Tubs

Deluxe Tub $209-$215

Zero-waste starter? Get all of our sustainable products combined for long-term cost savings and less in your garbage bin! Select the wool dryer ball size of your preference. Retails at $252.12-$261.12

Household Tub $110-$116

Select the wool dryer ball size of your preference. Retails at $132.13-$141.13

Personal Care Tub $99

Spice up your daily routine with ZERO plastic! Retails at $119.99

Customized Tub $19+

Already have some of these items? Make your own Tub with a minimum of 5 items! Refer to the listed suggested retail prices on the order form and receive 15% off. 

Household Products


The Metal Straw and Brush​

The past couple of years have focused on one specific item that has polluted oceans near and far (save the turtles, right??) - plastic straws. 

It is so easy to bring this straw with you, wherever you go. Make the first step of refusal - make a habit of asking for no straw. Are you someone who likes your straws? We have you covered.


The Coconut Husk

Have you been using steel wool or single use scrubbies in the kitchen? Here's the perfect replacement. The Safix Coconut Husk can be used to remove residue off of kitchenware.

Secret revealed: This is exactly what we use to remove residue from the prescription pill bottles we collect!


The Produce Bags

It physically pains me to see people use those thin plastic produce bags in the grocery store to put a bunch of bananas in. Commmmmon!

For those 'more difficult' items (mushrooms, brussel sprouts, etc.) use these bags over and over again!

The Compostable Phone Case

Say goodbye to your plastic phone case because the Pela Phone Case is even better. We can personally vouch that this phone case has never caused a screen crack upon dropping my phone while in this case.  

The Pela Phone Case can be placed in your compost when you're done with it. That may not be anytime soon though, we've had ours for years!

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The Razor Blades

Don't forget to order your package of 5 blades in additional to your safety razor. Once you're done with these - don't throw them out! We will collect these back from you for proper recycling.

The Safety Razor

This is an AMAZING zero-waste swap - probably one of the best you can make. One of these babies will prevent you from a pile up of trash with those plastic razors over the years. Look scary? I thought so too. Get that right angle and you'll be as smooth as can be!

The Orange Creamsicle Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Like body wash, plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner are another 'go-to' but these bars are an unreal replacement. Handmade with all natural ingredients by an Ottawa local.


We were skeptical of how hair bars would work. But after doing this swap earlier this year, we're never looking back! 

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Personal Care

The Soap Saver Exfoliating Bag

Still adjusting to bar soap? We understand this is one of the more difficult swaps. Liquid body wash is super popular amongst us all but unfortunately, the packaging is not so sustainable.

Put your bar of soap right into this pouch for washing!

The Bamboo Toothbrush​

Reduce your plastic use by replacing your old toothbrushes with these Bamboo Toothbrushes! After use, the nylon bristles must be removed and the handle can go right in your compost.

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The Crochet Cloth + Mini

Colourful assortment of locally made cloths made with love by an Earthub Volunteer!

Washer friendly after multiple uses!


The Hive Vibe Beeswax Wraps

Saran Wrap? Noooo thank you!

These beeswax wraps will be your replacement for many single use plastic items (Ziplock bags, saran wrap, etc.). Even if you do use those items over a few times, these beeswax wraps are a better long term solution.

The Queen Bee's Bundle comes with 4 wraps:





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The Wool Dryer Balls

Still using dryer sheets? That is so 2015!

These Wool Dryer Balls cut down your drying time (hello low hydro bills) and don't end up in the garbage can!

We have Shetland Wool Dryer Balls from Rainbow Dreams - who is run by 8-year-old Aya.

We also have a limited supply of the wool dryer balls from The General Bean, located in Alberta!

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