Do you know how to recycle? This is the most common problem to the overall desired solution. Recycling comes at a cost to begin with but not taking the time and effort to proceed correctly makes recycling nearly pointless. According to studies, approximately 7% of recycling is used as recycled material while the rest is discarded. This is because individuals are not taking the time to learn how to recycle properly.

Different cities have different procedures based on the equipment they have to recycle or compost. While some cities categorize wax cartons to go into the blue bin, other cities have them categorized to go in the black bin. Some cities even allow pet litter in the green bin but for other cities, it is a huge no-no! Not sure how your city recycles? Click on 'My city' below.

Do you recycle greasy pizza boxes, plastic film grocery bags, and paper coffee cups? STOP THAT! These items are detrimental to the recycling system! Why you ask? The sorting process becomes that much more difficult when there is an overload of contamination. Grease left over in paper products leaves oil in the paper fibers; the fibers can no longer be separated. Additional time is spent getting this item back into the garbage. Plastic film grocery bags may be the most common recycling mistake. This thin plastic will ruin the equipment used to recycle everything in our blue bin. If my coffee cup is paper, why can't I toss it in the paper recycling? Well here's another question, how does my hot beverage not leak out of my paper cup?! Your coffee cup is lined with plastic, not by much but the amount used automatically makes it only good for a one time use. YIKES. Use your reusable mug!