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Matthew 25 Ministries - Pill Bottles

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Matthew 25 Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that provides families with basic needs after a disaster has occurred. An item we take for granted is pill bottles. This organization donates these bottles (must pass guidelines) to developing countries.
If you are in the Ottawa area you can donate your pill bottles by emailing, we will send them in bulk to Matthew 25 Ministries. [image from Matthew 25 Ministries site]

Pill Bottles are made from #5 plastics (polyprophylene). While they are often recyclable, it is not always guarenteed that your specific recycling program will accept them, therefore they will end up in the landfill. Be mindful of where else they can be used. Donate!

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Wands for Wildlife - Mascara Wands

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina is a centre that helps injured or orphaned wildlife towards rehabilitation. A helpful item to remove larva and fly eggs from fur is mascara wands! Instead of sending them to a landfill, help brush out an animal.

If you are in the Ottawa area you can donate your mascara wands by emailing, we will send them in bulk to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.

[image from Appalachian Wildlife Refuge site]


Many restaurants use crayons ONCE. This is to prevent germs from travelling from child to child. As we are based in Ottawa, we do have a restaurant that throws their crayons into a box for us rather than the garbage bin. We melt the crayons down and donate them to community resource centres or low income schools.

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Reusable Household Items

Why buy items you already have? Use glass mason jars as containers to reduce your plastic footprint. Old clothing, sheets, and towels can be used as rags or bring these textiles to H&M, as mentioned above. Use newspaper to wash windows with Windex instead of paper towel! Not only will you reduce streaks but you are reusing a product you already have. Read the article below for more ideas.

[image from One Green Planet site]

Habitat for Humanity

Building materials can be donating to assist those in need to be able to build, restore, or buy a home for their families. Habitat for Humanity has been able to use donated items to contribute to affordable housing. They accept items such as doors, framed mirrors, and working lighting fixtures. These could be items you have taking up space in your basement or garage that you don't need! Be sure not to throw items like this into the landfill for reuse. Click the link below to see what you could donate. 

[image from Habitat for Humanity site]

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Phone cases

Phone cases are a common disposable item. Most North Americans thrive for that new smartphone that comes out once or a few times per year. What happens to all the old phone cases that are no longer suitable in shape or size? They go directly in our landfill. Here are some ways to reuse that old phone case. In the long run, why buy a new phone if yours is already working perfectly? More on this in the consumption section. 

[image from one good thing site]

Need a new phone case? Buy a used one off Kijiji. Can't find one? Buy a Pela phone case - made from plant-based material. Say no to plastic!

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Stuff You Don't Want

This is a site based out of California. There is a list of different categories of possible items you may not want anymore. In each of these categories there's a link of where each item can go. It's a cool place to check out to gather some ideas of where you can bring stuff you don't want. Some of the ideas that interested me are The Library of Things, National Christmas Tree Association, and The Library of Things is a library in Sacramento, California where you can actually check out things. What a great way to share things in a community.

[image from Stuff You Don't Want site]