97% ocean, 2% freshwater, & 1% groundwater

Human right or right to profit?

The accessibility to clean freshwater is scarce amongst most of the planet. So why do we waste so much?

  • the need for multiple showers in one day

  • washing clothes that are barely worn

  • multiple dishes

  • leaving the sink on while brushing or face washing

  • overbuying food

  • fast fashion

Hand in Water

The biggest waste of all?


Did you know that Nestle has been granted permits to remove over 20 million litres of water per day by...our government? What's even crazier? We encourage this unsustainable depletion of our water sources by PURCHASING bottled water.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


  • Bottled water does not come from a very unique and special source

  • Generally, it comes from a groundwater source or some other location where they are drawing water from a community...Nestle sets up shop in your backyard

  • They withdraw, treat, and bottle the water on site

  • Mimicking what your local water plant does, they deliver this water to you through plastic waste

Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

Nestle asks 3rd-party to conduct monitoring

Bottled water company harms local river

Michigan watchdogs lose water bid

Ocean cleanup ranges from 13-15 billions of dollars. Freshwater cleanup ranges from 4-7 billions of dollars. Groundwater cleanup ranges from 2-5 billions of dollars. These costs are PER YEAR.