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The future is green

City Center


Sustainable Infrastructure

"The argument that the words 'sustainable cities' are an oxymoron seems obvious. Sustainability means that a unit use no more than it can replace. Cities do; therefore they are not sustainable." - Lurton Blassingame 

Earthub's mission is to make sustainable infrastructure possible wherever it is.


Water Treatment

Water treatment is an important infrastructure aspect, one that most developing countries do not have access to. A drinking water plant collects from a source, goes into drinking water storage, which is then brought into facility for treatment. The Canadian standard treatment is: flocculation, disinfection, and membrane level treatment.  

Polluted Water


Air Quality

Anthropogenic emissions not only have a negative impact on our environment but also our health! There are various chemical compounds that can lead to sickness when exposed to us over time. 


Waste Management

Waste management includes solid waste, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste...the list goes on! There are many assessments done to determine where waste will go, how it will get there, and how the surroundings would be affected. Better idea - go zero-waste! 

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